I’ve begun the first block of the quilt. Young mother. I’m hand painting all of the backgrounds. So I’m laying the fabric squares over plastic bag and foam core and pinning it down to the foam core. I discovered that this can all be propped and leaned against my nifty little Van Gogh … More 10/4/17


      Here is a fabric swatch with the artist tissue blobs painted. The blobs were made and attached to the fabric with matte medium. I experimented with trying to get a more 3-dimensional feel with these tissue blobs but I’m not loving it. I do like working with paper in my quilts and … More 9/27/17


  I pulled out the artist tissue this morning and started adding it to my little fabric swatches. What if I added some texture to this little piece using artist tissue and matte medium? I have used tissue in quilts before and with success. Not sure about the thickness of these tissue blobs though. That might … More 9/21/17


Hurricane Irma has passed and with the return of air conditioning and refrigeration comes the return to normalcy. Well, relatively speaking. This is the first time since Irma that I’ve been able to work in the studio. It was shuttered up and very dark till yesterday. I left off working on painted fabric test pieces. Started … More 9/17/17


I started working with colors and techniques. Thinking that I would like to use colors but maybe darker hues of color. I don’t want the quilt as a whole to look too garishly colorful. Does that make sense? I want the mood to be more serious maybe. In the top block, I used Jacquard water … More 9/6/17