Being a South Floridian, annual “seasons” don’t really mean very much to me. We have 2 seasons here… summer and winter. I think of time and the year in a circle (I think most women do), but don’t give much thought to seasonal change. So when this idea came to me at 4 am this … More 8/31/17


I’ve started with a sort of visualization of the quilt’s dimensions. It helps me to draw the size and shape out. To get a visual “feel” for it. This exhibit has definite size restrictions. 30-32″ wide and 70-74″ long. That makes for some long narrow quilts. I’m guessing that the curators want to try to … More 8/28/17


This blog is an online journal of my initial plans and progress in creating work for the upcoming SAQA show, Season After Season. The exhibit is to take place Jan. 2019 at the Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange TX. This is a traveling show, so I wouldn’t see my quilt again until Jan. 2022, if my work is accepted. Above … More 8/24/17