img20170831_12444171xBeing a South Floridian, annual “seasons” don’t really mean very much to me. We have 2 seasons here… summer and winter. I think of time and the year in a circle (I think most women do), but don’t give much thought to seasonal change. So when this idea came to me at 4 am this morning I was a little surprised.

I’ve been trying to think of how to make a quilt with the dimensions of 32″x74″ as a figurative piece, and haven’t been coming up with very much. So I let my mind go in a more abstract direction (which is a lot easier to do in the wee hours) and I saw colors. I thought a cascade of season color areas down the 74″ length might work.

It’s one idea. Not sure I love it, but might be able to incorporate it into something else.

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